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                           If you are ready to redecorate your Bar, Kitchen or Out Door Patio bar stool covers are a simple way because they just slip-on
and they are a affordable way to make your stools match your new decor or theme for your room.
Try our Award Winning Easy slip-on Bar Stool covers for an easy replacement. Installs in seconds and makes your stool look brand new. 
Enjoy comfortable, colorful seating instantly with these beautiful printed bar stool covers. Spot clean. Made in the USA
This collection of bar stool covers is available in size tops from 12 inches to 18 inches. Side bands are 2 inches or 4inches wide and are held on with elastic
for snug fit. Also available without elastic for stapling on. These bar stool covers are made in Largo Florida, USA by expert craftsman.
Bar Stools are a great way to add additional seating to a room, outside patio or bar area. To show your decorating theme 
or style it would be great to cover them with beautiful pictured bar stool covers that complemented the style of the room. 
Your guest will be thrilled and want to know where did you find them.
Currently we have several categories to choose from. Our Western Prints will include horses, cowboys and western scenery.
Our Island Prints offer beach, tropical scenes, jeep on the beach scenes, surfing, sailing, sunsets and 5 O' Clock Somewhere themes.
Our Wolf prints are exciting for outdoors man, nature lovers, and hunters. All of the above covers will come with Black side bands.

 Western Print Bar Stool Cover Western Print Bar Stool Covers                 Island bar Stool Cover  Island Print Bar Stool Covers

Wolf Print #01 Bar Stool Cover   Wolf Print Bar Stool Covers             

Plain Stool Cover $16.95 with sliding scale discount for quantity.

                                           bar stool covers vinyl color swatches

15 Colors Plain Bar Stool Covers

Gray, Dark Blue, Blue, Tropical, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Tan, Oak leaf, White, Red, Maroon, Salmon, Magenta, Black.


Our plain or no print bar stool covers come in fifteen different colors to choose from and come with matching sidebands.
All of the printed Bar Stool Covers come with black side bands.

We can custom rework your Bar stool covers any way you wish.

Including Design Your Own Bar Stool Covers.

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